How to choose right and perfect Indian bridal Jewelry according to Height

At the time of buying a jewelry, it is much more than trends that you know what you like and which type of jewelry suite you. Here some tips that will solve your problem. Scroll Down Tips How To choose right and perfect Indian bridal Jewelry According to  Height.

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Small Height


The bride with a small height should wear the collar length or long necklace. V Neck’s Necklace will suit you very much. Choice of long necklaces length should be lower than breast, and above of the waist. This will make your figure look even more beautiful.

long necklace

choker necklace


Thinly delicate bangle suits more than the big and heavy bracelet on women of the small-height. The big bracelet does not match the shape of your body, so it will be good for you when you avoid it.

bangels bridal


Go for those which are swept upwards. The conventional Indian jhumkas which are tucked above the ear is simply best for you. Also, opt for jewelry that has a definite geometric shape, inclusive of triangles, ovals, squares, and rectangles, instead of the random ones.



Medium Height


An average high-quality bride does not have much trouble in Necklace Choice. Necklaces of all kinds of designs look good on them, such a bride can wear any size taller necklace and look beautiful.

long choker necklace



The thick bracelet and bangle give bride look very good in the hands. whose height is average, wearing such bracelet and thick bangle will look very beautiful, so instead of the broad bangles, choose the bigger bracelet.

broad bangels


You can easily test with quirkily-shaped jewelry. If you like massive rings, go for chandelier styles.

chndelier earing1

chndelier earing


Tall Height


The tall bride can choose any type of necklace and the necklace with long long lines of Rectangle Size will suit you more. Apart from this, you can also wear Stone or Pearl’s necklace.

pearl necklace

stone necklace1



Stay away from very small bracelet design. You can wear the thick bracelet or thinner bracelet with so many bangles.

thine braclet so many bngles


Hanging Earring will suit you very much. when you wear hanging earing. These earrings will make your beauty bigger.



This tips hows “To choose right and perfect Indian bridal Jewelry According to Height” are beneficial for you guys. So, at the same time as shopping for the suitable jewelry for yourself, bear in mind to maintain these things in mind. Just choose the layout that suits your height, and get geared up to stun every person with your exquisite experience of fashion.






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